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Barkin' Around! The Lepidoptera A live story from an actual moth.

S1 | E3 The Lepidoptera

A true story told in real time, in front of a live audience, without notes. Recorded at the Pittsburgh Butterfly Gardens in New York. Credits Producer: Jed Stoneham

Barkin' Around! Boar

S1 | E2 BOAR

A cedar cabin in the woods. Smoke pluming from the chimney. The front door is pierced. As if a stray shotgun blast had burst through. None of the occupants. Were ever found. This is...

Barkin' Around! Dirty Murph Who killed Zoe the squirrel?

S1 | E1 Dirty Murph

In 2016, a squirrel was found dead at the intersection of Grant and Foster. This is the story of false accusations, criminal justice and betrayal in Shelby County, Alabama. Credits Prepaid Call: Anna Burhans...

Barkin' Around - McClane Dog Park

Pilot | The McClane Dog Park

In the pilot episode of Barkin’ Around our investigator files a field report from the gorgeous McClane Dog Park. Will we finally learn, “Who is a good boy?”